Following the start of the 2020 Bundesliga soccer season - which is fraught with extraordinary risks - Ralph Beutter, our Chief Executive Officer, shared an overview of special and booming event cancellation insurance in an NZZ article.

“HDI Global Specialty collects data to calculate the probabilities of insurance occurrence. The research is carried out using publicly available information on the internet and using the division’s own historical data. In this way, the probability of the temporary loss of a player, the risk of disability, or even premature death due to an accident can be calculated.” – Ralph Beutter, Chief Executive Officer HDI Global Specialty SE.

Did you know:

  • German football clubs spend around €30million on insurance for their stars
  • Insurance policy prices rose by 15 – 25% across the board in 2020
  • Event cancellation prices doubled due to the pandemic
  • HDI Global Specialty has been insuring football, rugby and handball players for 30 years

Disability Insurance for Sports Professionals in numbers

Using important data from the article, the below showcases some more key statistics from the world of football and sport disability insurance.

Read the full article on NZZ here.

Professional sport sets the bar for performance, discipline, and commitment very high. Elite athletes push themselves to the limit every day to achieve their athletic goals. Physical as well as mental fitness is essential.

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