Innovation and automation are at the heart of problem-solving. The world of insurance is further seeking and developing more opportunities for these advances in order to ultimately improve decision-making and streamline processes. We’re combining both phenomena to bring general aviation brokers a platform that services them in just a matter of minutes – Aviation IQ.

Solving the problem for general aviation brokers

Historically, the labour-intensive nature of general aviation placements has been viewed as burdensome for brokers and underwriters alike. The time and complexities involved in the process of finding the right cover for clients’ risks in this space is arduous and laborious. To us, it didn’t make sense for this task to have to be so time-consuming.

We know the aviation industry is one of fast-moving technological change, continually evolving risks. We also know that brokers need the best price and turn-around time possible for clients. Lengthy forms, week-long waits, and rigid responses can be frustrating when clients are seeking efficient service and speedy solutions. Applying intellect and intuitive algorithms, Aviation IQ solves this long-standing problem for brokers.

Developed in partnership with Precision Autonomy, Aviation IQ is a unique and new insurance platform, designed to deliver end-to-end digital automation of general aviation policies, covering Small Fixed Wing General Aviation aircraft. For brokers, this means you can purchase insurance and receive documentation in a matter of minutes, rather than days.

A logical approach

Explaining the features of the platform in more detail, our Head of Aviation in Australia, Jamie Bowes, commented:

“Our new platform has been created with brokers in mind – to address the need for a bespoke full insurance life cycle platform for general aviation policies. The aviation market has lacked disruption and innovation; this seeks to considerably change that. We are now able to provide a much faster response to brokers, more flexibility in terms of price and usability, streamlining the traditional method of placement and management of aviation insurance policies.”

The scheme is currently launching in Australia, and is expected to be rolled out internationally at a later date, across all of our aviation teams.

At HDI Global Specialty SE, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation and embracing technology to enhance our broker offerings. We’re confident that this new platform will be a game-changer for brokers working in the general aviation market and are excited to onboard them onto the portal.

Interested in testing out our Aviation IQ? Get in touch with Jamie Bowes for more information.

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