Above all, our primary concern remains the safety of our employees, together with providing our usual high standard of service, advice, and support to our customers. We have continued to work closely with our brokers and partners and, as a result, there has been minimal interruption to our workflow, with the whole team from across the world working extremely well under the new circumstances. Technology has been a lifeline for many, and we’re proud to be leveraging the opportunities to continue to deliver a premium and efficient service for our brokers and clients, all whilst working remotely.

Last updated: 14.01.2022



As Australia is experiencing an increase number of Covid cases including the Delta and Omicron variant our offices in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane remain closed and the team office is working from home. The team has been able to work successfully from home since day one of lockdown and remain engaged on assisting both brokers and clients virtually. The branch will continue to monitor the situation as well as Health authority guidelines and plan for a further, staged return to the office should circumstances allow the same.

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Our offices are closed again (as from November 20) and we are all teleworking until the end of January when we will evaluate the situation and decide on how to proceed further.

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The office remains open but does not have staff in attendance every day as the Canadian team is working predominantly from home.

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Following the recent fall in infection rates in Denmark, we have decided to open the office to the extend circumstances allow. HDI in Denmark is taking all necessary precautions to ensure social distancing and health and safety compliance where applicable and necessary, and are continuously monitoring infection rates and governmental guidelines.

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Our employees’ and clients’ health and safety is extremely important to us, and has always remained paramount.

The office is back to working at full capacity allowing all colleagues to return back to the office. We are certainly maintaining our hygiene standards and continue to monitor Government guidelines and legislation on a regular basis to advise on procedures and plans.

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The branch is operating a shift system, whereby the team is split into two groups, each in the office for two days a week. Most broker meetings are being conducted remotely, with some taking place in person, where rules will allow it. The team has maintained strong contact with both new and existing brokers and clients through the use of video calls.

The management team will continue to monitor the guidelines and infection rates on a regular basis to advise on a further reopening of the office. Numbers currently remain stable, with the Government in a position to possibly maintain social distancing and other restrictions until the end of March 2022.

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The Netherlands

Status: Reopened under strict conditions with prior management approval

Due to the rapid increase of COVID-19 cases in the Netherlands in the last few weeks, people will only be allowed on the HDI Global Specialty SE floor under certain conditions with management approval. These measures will remain in place for the month of October and will be reviewed according to the developments of the virus and official recommendations from the Dutch government.

If people are permitted to enter the office, a health form will be completed for all building visitors. Once inside the office, we have ensured that all desks are separated to a distance of 1.5m. Communal spaces, such as the elevator and lunch area, will be out of bounds.

Managing Director, Faisal Setoe, commented on the business operations and effect of the coronavirus pandemic: “We have continued to support our brokers and clients during COVID-19 as best we can. Until now, this has been done remotely of course. In a short time, we have transitioned to a 100% digital working environment without quality compromise. In some cases, we have been able to improve the quality of our service due to increased efficiency in a remote and digital landscape.”

The Netherlands management team is reviewing the situation on a weekly basis, using government advice to guide their decisions. We will update the information here as and when any changes are made.

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Sweden is experiencing a rapid increase of Covid-19 cases, mostly the Omicron variant. The Scandinavian Branch has therefore closed the office according to the official recommendations from the Swedish government. The management team is monitoring the situation and using government advice to guide their decisions going forward.

Managing Director Thomas Barenthein shared his views on the impact of the pandemic on operations in the Scandinavian Branch:
“We have now worked from home, on and off,  for close to two years and thanks to our efficient and dedicated staff remote working has not negatively impacted our day to day work or the accessibility for brokers and clients.

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United Kingdom

In line with UK Government guidelines, the UK branch implemented a gradual and cautious return to the office effective July 2021 and we are currently in a phase of testing hybrid working arrangements with our colleagues. The branch does intend to introduce our hybrid working policy in the Autumn as we are looking to build a culture based on mutual trust and we want to empower our employees to choose (subject to their manager’s agreement) where and how they work. One of the key objectives of formalising these work arrangements is to help employees manage their work-life balance, to reduce stress and increase overall job satisfaction. In return, employees must appreciate that this is a client-focussed business and the needs of brokers and clients must come first.

At this time social distancing and additional hygiene measures remain in place within our office environment to provide additional comfort to colleagues returning to the office.

It’s been very much business as usual for the UK branch throughout 2021 with a mostly digital working environment, with minimal impact or compromise on service delivery.

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Getting in Touch

In the first instance, we advise that you contact the broker or intermediary where you purchased your policy for any help or advice. If you are unsure how to contact the seller of your policy, or wish to speak with us directly, get in touch with the team.

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If you are unsure who to contact, please email our Compliance Team, who will make sure your enquiry finds the right person.