In collaboration with AEC Wholesale Group, the Italian Branch has designed a policy, which insures the Energy-Saving Guarantee that the ESCO (Energy Service Company) provides to the customer.

An ESCO is a company that offers energy services, which may include implementing energy-efficiency projects in addition to renewable energy projects, and in many cases, on a turnkey basis. The remuneration of ESCOs is closely linked to the energy savings achieved. Meanwhile, they can finance or help to arrange finance for the function of an energy system, by providing a Savings Guarantee.

The ESCO, or if expressly requested, the end customer receives a compensation payment if the Energy-savings guaranteed by the ESCO are not achieved.

This product, exclusive to the Italian market, highlights the intention of the Italian Branch to align with their neighbouring European markets.

Paolo Volpi, General Manager of HDI Global Specialty SE - Italy, commented: “There are still few competitors aware of this insurance opportunity. We want to extend to the sector our specialised approach that distinguishes us on the market and makes us anticipate risks and sensitivities that will gradually become priorities of Italian companies.”

To discuss anything further, you can contact Paolo via EmailThis clip also provides additional information and explores our partnership further.

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