Luke Shadbolt, Space Systems Engineer & Underwriting Advisor

While at present none of the established insurers provide coverage against cyberattacks in their policies, it is an area of growing concern for operators as the risk of cyberattacks is set to increase in future. Efforts are being made to apply existing cybersecurity principles to space systems, for example NIST has recently published an introduction to cybersecurity for commercial satellite operations that aims to apply their CSF (Cybersecurity Framework) to the commercial satellite ecosystem.

We recently conducted a study into the current state of knowledge surrounding satellite cyberattacks to explore this area in more detail. The results of our study can be found in the downloadable whitepaper below.

In this paper, prepared by our Space Systems Engineer & Underwriting Advisor Luke Shadbolt, you will find:

  • The main consequences of satellite cyberattack, ranging from service disruption to loss of satellite control and espionage.
  • An overview of common modes of attack.
  • Well publicised case studies.
  • Defence mechanisms which are increasingly being incorporated into satellite design and operations.
  • The current state of industry efforts to address satellite cybersecurity.
  • A review of the present insurance standpoint.

Download your copy of the full whitepaper below.

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