Inflation: History repeating or a new start?


With inflation looking set to return, HDI Global Specialty’s Senior Credit and Political Risk Underwriter, Ed Arghand, examines the drivers behind current inflationary pressures and reflects on the potential impact inflation could have on export credit agencies, multilaterals, and private credit insurers’ long term risk assets within a recent Berne Union article.

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A vet’s perspective

After a whirlwind three months working as a consultant for HDI Global Speciality’s pet insurance team, practicing veterinary surgeon Dr. Justin Shere MRCVS, BVM&S reflects on his experience in the first of a new series focused on the dog and cat insurance market.
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Specie market on the rise


The specie insurance market, including Cash in Transit, General Specie, and Jewellers Block has been fairly sheltered from the Covid storm with HDI Global Specialty also seeing a major rise in new business wins, writes Tobias Sigurdsson.

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Our US Delegated Authority team are attending WSIA Annual Marketplace 2021


On the 16-19 of November, the WSIA are hosting their Annual Marketplace in San Diego. More than 5,000 industry professionals attend the Annual Marketplace for networking and business meetings.

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Meet the US Delegated Authority Team


Our Delegated Authority team is made up of dedicated underwriting specialists, committed to providing bespoke solutions within the Delegated Authority market. The team strives to develop long-term, sustainable relationships with our business partners.

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The world has changed; we are ready to embrace it - starting at WSIA


Jade Wilcox, Underwriting Manager - US Delegated Authority

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E-flight and beyond: Alexander Malik on the latest innovations in General Aviation


HDI Global Specialty’s long-term commitment to the general aviation market is providing coverage stability for clients and supporting innovation in electric flight, says Alexander Malik.

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A question of health


The global pandemic has united the world in terms of an increased interest in, and awareness of, the importance of health and it is certainly an exciting time for HDI Global Specialty to be entering the private medical insurance (PMI) and international PMI market says Ben Haden, underwriter, Accident & health, HDI Global Specialty.

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Why Fine Art must always be moved by specialist packers


Nick Brett, Head of Fine Art, in conversation with K Pak’s James Fielden

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The Hannover Re Art Collection: Creating Opportunities


Nick Brett, Head of Fine Art, in conversation with Olaf Brock, Hannover Re Foundation Board Member and Patron of the Hannover Re Art Collection

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How the pandemic and Brexit have impacted the transportation of Fine Art


Nick Brett, Head of Fine Art, in conversation with K Pak’s James Fielden

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Meet the UK Delegated Authority Team


Our Delegated Authority team is made up of dedicated underwriting specialists, committed to providing bespoke solutions within the Delegated Authority market. The team strives to develop long-term, sustainable relationships with our business partners.

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What’s keeping MGAs awake at night?


A recent, international survey of MGAs that work with HDI Global Specialty has shone a light on the many challenges that MGAs face, and the support they most value, says Richard Marshall.

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What makes HDI Global Specialty, special?


HDI Global Specialty’s CEO Ralph Beutter and Chairman Ulrich Wallin answer Shirley Inafa’s questions on this podcast. Listen to learn about which are the biggest and most profitable lines, about key markets and which markets are interesting for the agenda in the near future.

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HDI Global Specialty continues Canada expansion with senior Entertainment and Contingency hire


HDI Global Specialty has announced the appointment of Maggie Beattie as Head of Entertainment and Contingency – Canada. The newly created role will be focused on establishing and growing Canada’s Entertainment and Contingency book.

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Nick Brett, Head of Fine Art, in conversation with…


Read Nick Brett, Head of Fine Art, conversation series with K Pak’s Managing Director, James Fielden, and Hannover Re Foundation Board Member and Patron of the Hannover Re Art Collection, Olaf Brock. The conversations cover how the pandemic and Brexit have impacted the transportation of Fine Art, the risks involved in transporting Fine Art, and how the Hannover Re Art Collection is creating opportunities.

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A year of living differently…


Ralph Beutter reflects on some of the specialty market trends impacting brokers as we look forward to a post-pandemic world.

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HDI Global Specialty enters Private Medical Insurance market


HDI Global Specialty SE has entered the Private Medical Insurance (PMI) market with the hire of experienced underwriter Ben Haden. The move extends our Accident & Health presence, and includes international PMI.

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Hard Market – where next for brokers and clients?


A panel of HDI Global Specialty leaders from around the world gathered to discuss the challenges faced by clients and brokers of a hard market in a global pandemic. They explored how all parties can work together and the practical steps required to help one another.

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Technical Study: Satellite Cyberattacks and Security


In our latest Whitepaper, key industry experts discuss the topic of satellite cyber-attacks and the risks associated with them.

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Marine on the move as claims issues pile up


In the Nordic marine cargo market, we have seen an improvement in premium rates over the last two years. This, albeit slow rise in premiums, which has been partly driven by a mixture of increased reinsurance costs and return on capital demands, has also been accompanied by an overall tightening of wordings and the removal of add-ons.  There have also been increasing claims costs and there are worrying signs that the cargo market overall is heading for a large stack of major losses.

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Meet the US Professional Lines Team


The US Professional Lines Team, here at HDI Global Specialty, is on an exciting journey and have secured the perfect hires to complete their expert offering. Below, each member of the team discusses their diverse backgrounds and why they work so well together.

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HDI Global Specialty in aviation for the long haul


HDI Global Specialty is continuing to invest in the aviation insurance market, despite the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic and turmoil in the insurance sector.

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HDI Global Specialty SE breidt samenwerking uit met Klap B.V. middels de verlening van een volmacht.


HDI Global Specialty SE, the Netherlands is een nieuwe speler in Nederland op het gebied van Specialty lines verzekeringen (Financial Lines & Niches).

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Is ESG at the heart of emerging D&O risks?


A recent report found that two-thirds of C-suite executives in the UK are suffering cognitive fatigue and overload leading to decision paralysis. It is against this backdrop that boards face a perfect storm of emerging risks centred around environmental, social and governance (ESG) threats which are landing in the boardroom.

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Invoering Wetsvoorstel bestuur en toezicht rechtspersonen (WBTR)


Per 1 juli 2021 wordt de Wet bestuur en toezicht rechtspersonen (WBTR) ingevoerd. De nieuwe wet beoogt de kwaliteit van bestuur en toezicht bij verenigingen, coöperaties, onderlinge waarborgmaatschappijen en stichtingen te verbeteren en de wettelijke regeling voor alle rechtspersonen gelijk te trekken.

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Practicing the art of trust


Summary on insights page: Our Head of Fine Art, Nick Brett, recently featured on an expert panel to discuss issues affecting the industry and best practices in art insurance.

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Disability Insurance for Sports Professionals - a Focus on Football


German football clubs spend around 30 million euros on insurance for their stars. The legs of the players are just as insurable as the hands of piano virtuosos.

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Millennial Angst or a Real Risk? A Spotlight on Professional Impairment & Wellbeing

Professional impairment is a very topical subject. The line between professional and personal life is increasingly blurred, particularly in light of events in 2020.

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What Challenges Lie Ahead for the Marine Industry?


More than ever, the shipping industry needs a stable insurance market, with flexible reliable insurance partners, according to Scandinavian General Manager of Marine, Niklas Bengtsson.

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COVID-19: A Global Response


Across the world, we are seeing different practices and rules as each country manages and learns to live with Coronavirus until a viable solution is available. It can be difficult to navigate these rules, especially for business, and it is no surprise that some of us are struggling to understand the various practices as businesses are doing their best to operate during these challenging times. That’s why we’ve outlined our branch-specific office plans, so you know exactly how we at HDI Global Specialty SE are currently working around the world.

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The Power of the Pen


There has been much speculation in the insurance press about what a post-pandemic world will look like. One headline claims MGAs are under threat with insurers set to crackdown in a hardening market and reconsider how they will deal with them.

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Aviation IQ: Removing the burden for brokers


Innovation and automation are at the heart of problem-solving. The world of insurance is further seeking and developing more opportunities for these advances in order to ultimately improve decision-making and streamline processes. We’re combining both phenomena to bring general aviation brokers a platform that services them in just a matter of minutes – Aviation IQ.

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Credit Risk – Ready for the brave new world?


While organisations deal with the short-term impacts of a global pandemic, they are also starting to plan for the longer term.

For businesses and their financial backers who have the appetite to drive forward, confidence will be fundamental to success. It is in this area that single risk credit insurance can facilitate and enable the green shoots of growth.

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Directors and Officers - What happens when the buck stops?


It was president Harry S. Truman who famously said: “the buck stops here.” He even had a special sign made up and placed on his desk in the Oval office. It was a reminder to him and others that he made the decisions and accepted ultimate responsibility for what happened as a result.

It’s also a reminder to directors and officers today that accountability sits with them for what they do, or don’t do.

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Innovation in the aviation industry


Innovation is rapidly changing many industries and aviation is no exception, with the latest developments in e-flight, drones and ultralight helicopters. Such advancements, however, require a dependable insurance partner to deliver innovative insurance solutions.

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New Beginnings for HDI Global Specialty SE – Denmark


Not so long ago, we announced the opening of our Belgium branch. We’re delighted to reveal that we have also officially begun operations in Denmark!

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EU Regulation Calls for Professional Indemnity Cover Increase


It was announced in May last year, that under the EU Regulation 2019/1935, insured amounts for professional indemnity insurance for insurance brokers should be increased.

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Italy Branch Partners with Marine Hull and Cargo Agency


HDI Global Specialty SE – Italy has joined forces with newly-established Marine Insurance Agency, to support an underwriting operation.

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Business Owner Operational Support Joins Netherlands Management Team


HDI Global Specialty, the Netherlands, welcomes Business Owner Operational Support, Monique van der Heijden.

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Netherlands Branch Welcomes Leon Hartog as Business Owner Claims


HDI Global Specialty SE, the Netherlands, welcomes Leon Hartog as Business Owner Claims.

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Italy Office Develops New Insurance Product for ESCOs


The Italian branch at HDI Global Specialty SE has developed the “Energy Savings” Policy, an Insurance Solution for Energy Efficiency Guarantees.

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HDI Global Specialty SE – Belgium Open its Doors


We are delighted to announce that as of 1st April 2020, HDI Global Specialty SE - Belgium officially opened for business.

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Netherlands office appoints Business Owner Financial Lines


HDI Global Specialty SE, the Netherlands, welcomes Marco van Sint Annaland as Business Owner, Financial Lines.

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Richard Qaiser joins Management Team in the Netherlands


HDI Global Specialty SE, the Netherlands has appointed Richard Qaiser as Business Owner of the Netherlands branch office, effective January 1, 2020.

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The Automation and Digitalisation of Airports: Opportunity or Risk?


Over the last decade, many advances have been made within the aviation industry, one of which has come to light over recent years; In an Insurance Day feature, Roger Sethsson, Head of Aerospace, discusses the development of remote air traffic control towers.

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Managing Director Appointed for Netherlands Branch


Faisal Setoe has been appointed as Managing Director for the HDI Global Specialty SE Netherlands branch, effective January 1 2020.

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Growing aviation market facing challenge of increasing claims and reduced capacity


Mats Westerborn, Managing Director of HDI Global Specialty SE Scandinavia, has recently been featured in Insurance Day – one of the UK’s leading insurance publications.

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Rising attritional losses in the aviation market causing hardening of the market


Insurance Day recently published an article, highlighting the effect of attritional losses on the aviation market, featuring our Head of Aviation and Space, Martin Jackson.

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VIDEO: Richard Taylor on specialty classes and satisfying client demands


At the Airmic conference in Harrogate we caught up with our Chief Marketing Officer and UK Managing Director, Richard Taylor who reflects what the future holds – including the high demand for specialty classes and how HDI Global Specialty SE is ‘seizing the moment’.




HDI Global Specialty SE Sets Up Milan Office


HDI Global Specialty SE, the specialty lines insurer, has recently opened their Italy office, recruiting Paolo Volpi as General Manager.

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A world without cash – The impact on specie insurers


“A cashless society is by no means inevitable, but the growing popularity of digital wallets and cryptocurrencies could be the new normal for specie insurers”, Niklas Bengtsson, General Manager - Marine at HDI Global Specialty SE in a recent Insurance Day article.

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Tailings dams present larger exposure than underwriters realised


This week, Insurance Day has published an article by Matthew Johnson on the unsustainable risk of tailings dam exposure for insurers. Matthew Johnson is Head of International Mining Industry Underwriters (IMIU), which underwrites as part of HDI Global Specialty SE.

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