What we do

Our experienced and responsive local teams offer a suite of services that help clients develop and grow their business through mutually beneficial relationships.

We provide full Agency and Binding Authority agreements, with both single or multi-line capacity, as either a lead or follow line market. We can:

  • Offer our Underwriting expertise across different markets, sectors and territories, with compliance and actuarial support
  • Assist with product development and portfolio management
  • Act as an investor into your business
  • Build long-term partnerships

Why choose us?

 We are a specialist and integrated one-stop shop business model. Our team will support you and help you evolve your business, the way you want to, within the regulatory landscape.

  • Vast underwriting expertise and experience in many classes of insurance business to provide both delegated authority solutions and single risk
  • Sustainable and flexible solutions
  • Quick response times
  • In depth knowledge and experience of our local markets

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Belgium Bruno Vallaeys
General Manager, Legal Representative
Tel. +32 2 436 80 01
Email: Bruno.Vallaeys@hdi-specialty.com
Canada Derek Spafford
Chief Agent & General Manager
Tel. 416- 607-7847
Email: Derek.Spafford@hdi-specialty.com
Canada Olga Burnayeva
Underwriting Manager
Tel. 416-607-2442
Email: olga.burnayeva@hdi-specialty.com
Canada Brian Nguyen
Underwriter, DA
Tel. 416-866-3082
Email: brian.nguyen@hdi-specialty.com
Denmark Henning Damgaard Rasmussen
Head of Sales & Business Development
Tel. +45 2216 2514
Email: Henning.Rasmussen@hdi-specialty.com
Germany Joseph Peloso Jr.
CPL, General Manager, Underwriting US Delegated Authority
Tel. +49 511 5604-2474
Email: Joseph.Peloso@hdi-specialty.com
Germany Dr. Ilka von Boehmer
Chief Underwriter, Underwriting US Delegated Authority
Tel.+49 511 5604-2702
Email: Ilka.vonBoehmer@hdi-specialty.com
Germany Bastian Hemmert
General Manager, Sports, Leisure & Entertainment and European DA
Tel. +49 511 5604 1399
Email: Bastian.Hemmert@hdi-specialty.com
Germany Fabian Hupe
CFA, Aktuar (DAV), Head of European DA, Sports, Leisure & Entertainment and European DA
Tel. +49 511 5604-2510
Email: Fabian.Hupe@hdi-specialty.com
Germany Dr. Alexander Malik
Managing Director
Tel. +49 152 07393152
Email: alexander.malik@hdi-specialty.com
Italy Giovanni Costantino
Special Lines Underwriter
Tel. +39 02 84790937
Email: Giovanni.Costantino@hdi-specialty.com
Netherlands Martin Lether
Lead Delegated Authorities
Tel. +31 10 3224000
Email: Martin.Lether@hdi-specialty.com
Sweden Jörgen Lindström
General Manager
Email: Jorgen.Lindstrom@hdi-specialty.com
Sweden Mathias Ebersson
Senior Marine Underwriter
Email: Mathias.Ebersson@hdi-specialty.com
Sweden Angelica Johansson
Senior Business Coordinator
Email: Angelica.Johansson@hdi-specialty.com
UK Will Morris
Director of Underwriting Delegated Authority
Tel. +44 20 7015 4017
Email: Will.Morris@hdi-specialty.com
UK David Hill
Underwriting Manager UK Delegated Authority
Tel. +44 20 7015 4072
Email: David.Hill@hdi-specialty.com
UK Jade Wilcox
Underwriting Manager UK Delegated Authority
Email: Jade.Wilcox@hdi-specialty.com