D&O insurance

Management boards, CEOs and supervisory boards assume responsibilities for their companies. However, business activities can quickly result in losses affecting their own companies or third parties – be it from a mistaken investment decision, non-compliance with a newly introduced law or making false statements during a tender process. Executives are then increasingly frequently confronted with claims for damages. Corporate leaders have potentially unlimited liability for financial losses up to the amount of their private assets. HDI Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance provides a safety net to those executives affected, which covers them in an emergency and prevents seizure of their personal assets.

Directors and Officers Insurance

The Directors and Officers insurance policy provides insurance cover for directors and officers in the event of a claim, resulting from a financial loss, made against them because of a breach of duty. In the event of a claim, HDI determines what is covered, who is liable and who pays compensation for justified claims.

HDI Directors and Officers Insurance covers decision-makers against statutory liability claims by third-parties and by their own companies.

Corporate leaders are provided with substantial support in the event of a claim. As far as claims for damages by an executive’s own company are concerned, a reversal of the burden of proof applies to the question of liability. That means that the corporate leader must prove that he/she has not breached their obligations.


Global insurance against liability risks

Through its international insurance programmes, HDI provides global insurance cover with facilities to issue local policies in more than 60 countries.

Steady capacity to provide cover

Over the long term policyholders can rely on high and consistent levels of underwriting capacity for insurance against these liability risks.

Cover for other liability risks

Insurance solutions are also provided for prospectus liability risks for stock market flotations and other issues of securities.

Professional support in the event of a claim

In the event of a claim, HDI’s many years of experience means insured persons can rely on optimum support provided by a global network of claims lawyers and on rapid settlement of any claims.

Experts' tip

International compliance requirements

Each entry into a foreign market increases the compliance requirements faced by companies and their executives. You can insure against these liability risks in line with local requirements through an international insurance programme. Why not talk to our experts.