We offer a comprehensive, prompt, and consistent service across all types of market coverage. The team writes financial, contractual and investment risk including non-trade transactions and longer period policies.

Our Risk Capacity

  • Non-payment: Trade / Non-Trade related cover for both Private and Public obligors
  • Political Risks: Confiscation and Country Risk for Equity and Finance providers
  • Up to USD50m per risk for political risk and non-payment by public obligors
  • Up to USD40m per risk for non-payment by private obligors
  • Up to 15 years per risk.

Our Clients

  • Non-payment: Key client focus with emphasis on Financial Institutions, Multilateral agencies, DFIs and ECAs. Coverage also offered for leading Commodity Traders and some Corporate insureds
  • Political Risks: Corporate, Financial and Trading clients.

Our Products

  • Sovereign and sub-sovereign lending: Focused on Ministry of Finance, but also for Central Banks and key State-Owned Enterprises
  • Trade Finance: excluding SME lending / multi-buyer programs
  • Borrowing Bases: Broad appetite including Reserve Based Lending
  • Corporate Finance: Unsecured lending to well-rated obligors
  • Project & Asset Backed Finance: Energy and natural resources, infrastructure, real estate, and transport
  • Other non-payment products: Including Diversified Payment Rights and others
  • Political Risks for Lenders: Emerging market country risk coverage, including aircraft repossession and mortgage rights coverage
  • Political Risks for Equity Investors: Global coverage for fixed and mobile assets, including contractors’ plant and equipment.