We take a flexible and problem-solving approach in underwriting:

  • Cash in Transit
  • General Specie
  • Jewellers Block

We take an open-minded and innovative view to new and different business risks, with a commitment to a solution-based approach. Our teams are experienced market leaders who are well versed in providing outstanding service to brokers and clients.

We are specialists in a special market with strong knowledge of security and by taking a collaborative approach with clients we can consider broader risks, discuss, negotiate and find answers through bespoke wordings as well as in respect of some specie classes, our own wordings.

We have a long history in the market to provide a comprehensive range of insurance solutions for Cash in Transit and Cash Management companies around the globe.

Our risk appetite:

  • Cash in Transit: CIT operators, and Armoured courier services and Cash Management companies, transport risk of cash, jewels and valuables.
  • General Specie: Transit and static storage/vault risks of valuables such as precious metals, valuables, bullion or currency/cash, banks and financial institutions, precious metals processors and trader, mining risks, ATM’s, Safe Deposit facilities.
  • Jewellers Block: High value products such as precious metals, gemstones, prestigious watches in stock or transit as well as retailers and wholesalers.



Wholesale markets Niklas Bengtsson
General Manager
Phone: +49 8 617 5508
Mobile: +46 70 190 7515
Email: niklas.bengtsson@hdi-specialty.com
Wholesale markets Tobias Sigurdsson
Head of Cargo & Specie Underwriting
Phone: +46 8 617 5418
Mobile: +46 73 4602566
Email: tobias.sigurdsson@hdi-specialty.com
Australia Guglielmo Dormann
Phone: +61 2 864 68334
Email: guglielmo.dormann@hdi-specialty.com
Denmark Julie Karlsen
Phone: +45 2 834 0278
Email: julie.karlsen@hdi-specialty.com
Germany Philippe Dietz
Head of Underwriting Art & Lifestyle -
Continental Europe
Phone: +49 1 717 681470
Email: philippe.dietz@hdi-specialty.com
Netherlands Ad Luykx
Manager Underwriting Specie
Phone: +31 1 040 36275
Mobile: + 31 6 53578159
Email: ad.luykx@hdi-specialty.com
Netherlands Yvonne Pape
Phone: +31 1 040 36460
Mobile: +31 653578159
Email: yvonne.pape@hdi-specialty.com