More security for sports disabilities sustained by professional athletes

Whether it be a serious illness, accident, injuries during training or competition – athletes need protection in their professional and private lives. The financial impact could be massive be it temporary or permanent. At the same time, the club is at risk of losing the capital they have invested in the players. Our flexible policies allow professional athletes and clubs to protect themselves against the risks to suit their needs.


Special insurance cover for professional athletes

Comprehensive insurance solutions for the best possible care and financial protection for professional athletes and clubs.

Individual protection for the risks of disability

Maximum flexibility for drawing up the contract ensures needs-based protection.

High level of cover provides protection through a parent company with a robust financial base

Our proven track record of financial strength of the insurer allows for the provision of even higher sums of coverage.

Many years of sector expertise

Proven know-how thanks to market experience in the sports and entertainment industry for over 15 years.