Professional liability for architects and consulting engineers

HDI Global Specialty SE, Belgian branch offers architects and technical consultants an insurance solution that protects their business and assets against claims for bodily injury, property damage and financial loss. We ensure that our insurance solution meets the requirements imposed by the Principal's specifications.

Errors & Omissions for intellectual professions (lawyers, bailiffs, ...)

Errors & Omissions ICT

HDI Global Specialty SE insures the legal liability, product liability and professional liability of ICT companies. The policy covers bodily injury, property damage and financial loss up to an agreed amount. This allows the insured to concentrate on his core business, knowing that his liability is adequately covered.

Directors & Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance

HDI Global Specialty SE's directors' and officers' liability insurance protects managers and directors against civil liability claims from third parties and from their own companies. Corporate officers receive comprehensive support in the event of a claim. HDI Global Specialty SE takes on the defence and pays compensation for justified claims.

Legal protection in criminal cases

The Legal Protection in Criminal Matters Policy covers the costs of defending alleged breaches of criminal provisions. Coverage also includes assistance to witnesses.


Kidnap & Ransom

HDI Global Specialty SE offers a solution for customers who may face the risk of kidnapping and ransom demand, hostage taking or extortion under threat of inflicting bodily injury or property damage.


HDI Global Specialty SE's Product Contamination Insurance provides a special solution for food and beverage companies. In a crisis, the affected company receives the necessary support from an accredited consultant specialised in crisis management, recall actions and/or communication.

The main feature of this insurance is the extensive reimbursement of various costs:

  • recall costs, such as the cost of a first-party recall or of a third-party recall by the insured's customers or a government agency
  • Decontamination costs, storage- and destruction costs and/or consultants’ fees
  • production costs, loss of profit and loss of turnover
  • costs of advertising campaigns to counter the threat of loss of sales
  • fees resulting from preventive advice by a crisis management consultant at the beginning of the policy period may be agreed upon
  • other costs through an extension of coverage in special clauses

Sports Insurances

HDI Global Specialty SE offers protection against the financial risks of professional sports, both for the sports clubs (e.g. transfer value) as for the individual professional athlete. Possible coverages are accidental death (including heart failure), permanent sports invalidity due to accident or illness and temporary sports invalidity due to accident or illness.

The main characteristics of these products are:

  • coverage according to Belgian law and jurisdiction and 100% within HDI Global Specialty and not Common Law with different syndicates
  • cover in the event of loss of the opportunity to practise sport at a professional level, regardless of the possibility of practising another profession;
  • specific medical underwriting supported by an experienced specialised medical team, which allows us to insure parts of the body even if there has previously been a medical problem with that part of the body.

Film and event

The film package policy insures against the financial consequences for the production of delaying, stopping or cancelling recordings in the specific case of death, injury due to an accident or illness of a person included in the cast. The insurance also covers the equipment necessary for production, sets, costumes and entrusted properties. In addition to material damage, the insurance also covers civil liability during the production period.

The ‘Event Pack’ policy insures sports and entertainment events as well as trade fairs against financial loss. Cover is provided in the event of cancellation, interruption or postponement of the event due to almost any cause beyond the control of the organiser or promoter. In addition, material damage can be covered, such as to sound and lighting equipment, sets, event facilities, stands and accessories. The ‘Event Pack’ offered by HDI Global Specialty SE may also include general liability insurance for the organiser or promotor.


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HDI Global Specialty SE, the registered office of which is located at Roderbruchstrasse 26, 30655 Hanover (Germany), authorised and supervised by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) under number 5178, authorized by the National Bank of Belgium (NBB) under number NBB 2931 for the purposes of performing insurance activities through its Belgian Branch, located at Avenue de Tervueren, 273/4, 1150 Brussels.